Egypt Part VII

DSC06441DSC06620 DSC06550 DSC06543 DSC06542 DSC06533 DSC06496 DSC06489 DSC06486 DSC06485 DSC06464 DSC06457


Dress: Oasis, Shoes, River Island, Bracelet: Anna Dello Russo for H&M

The palm and flower-lined paths in our Hotel were stunning! Hope you enjoy these photos of this orange dress. The chiffon detailing had great flow and whipped up in the air – loved it!

B.B. x



29 thoughts on “Egypt Part VII

  1. Wow, what a pretty dress. Coral was my favourite colour this past summer, and your sunny photos are really making me long for February right now!

  2. amazing look. 🙂
    from someone who has recently started blogging on wordpress, i will be following your blog for inspiration.
    be sure to take a look at mine since i will be posting on fashion, travel, music, and more!
    ~ e ~

  3. OMG Beibei, what a dress! You always look beautiful in your photos, but this dress is so amazing. So elegant. And then outside with the flowing breeze, so fun. Lovely work Beibei!

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