Bright Colours in Cambridge

Top: DIY collars (originally from Topshop), Jacket: H&M, Trousers: ASOS, Shoes: Stella McCartney, Clutch: Fendi

Flowers are blossoming everywhere in Cambridge and these are just some photos of my outfit on this beautiful Spring day. Relaxing on a punt along the College Backs is exactly what I needed. I’ll put up a new post on my DIY beaded collar soon!

No matter how busy life is, its always important to dress up and take a break from reality!

B.B. x



81 thoughts on “Bright Colours in Cambridge

      • Heya

        Yea good I enjoy looking through your photos you look very stunning indeed. I’m just finishing LCF Fashion Photography if you ever fancy meeting/hanging out.

        Hope you’re doing well :)x

      • Hey!!! Wow!! You’ve always been an amaizng Photographer! I remember those days when I drove you crazy making you take all those photos of me during Art! Yes, would love to see you again. Private Message me your number on FB and let’s meet sometime after my exams :PP

  1. I love the colours! Also, when was Cambridge quite this full of flowers? I think I only saw crocuses and the beginning of daffodil blooms before leaving for Spring Break…

    • Yea, actually i remember last year, when the weather was a lot better, there was even more lovely fowers than this year!
      The lovely flowers are definitely one of the reasons why I love Cambridge so much! ^^

  2. I love the mix of colors ! Thank you for liking my “Robert Mapplethorpe” post : he was more into black and white but, obviously, great colors are perfect for a good picture too ! I love your style so, now, I’m gonna check your other posts too ! Best wishes from Marseilles, France !!!

  3. I couldn’t agree more about taking the time to dress up every now and then!

    I just love this outfit. I adore when people mix primary colours. I just wish I had some bold, bright pieces like this in my own wardrobe!

    • Yea, this summer I’m planning to go all out with colours.
      There’s lots of these bright pieces out, just gotta keep an eye on them 😛

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